Stievie provides a new and social television experience around the Flemish TV offering, with ten live channels and catch-up TV up to seven days upon the original broadcast.

Stievie is an innovative answer from three Flemish broadcasters that joined forces and respond to viewers' needs with a new and innovative television experience. The Stievie apps for iOS and Android enables viewers to watch more of the Flemish high quality programs, on different screens and whenever they want. VTM, A, FOUR, Canvas, 2BE, FIVE, Vitaya, JIM and Ketnet/OP12 are the ten TV channels to watch live or on-demand, up to broadcasts of a week ago. After a succesful pilot held early 2013, Belgian broadcaster VMMa took the lead and launched Stievie as a nation wide service. The apps for iOS and Android will be availableon December 6.

New and innovative television experience

Stievie is developed by Vinson - Triple IT's spin-off company that provides the next generation white-label mobile TV solution for broadcasters and content owners. Vinson developed the Stievie apps that include the Flemish television offering and above all, provides a rich TV experiences with live, on-demand and social possibilities. From catch up TV until seven days after its original broadcast, to integrated social media to share and discuss moment direct from the app. Stievie comes with a most inviting user interface: with a few swiping gestures one can easy discover all content and features. 



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