About Triple IT

Triple IT is a Dutch company founded in 1998 by the four current partners and has continually grown since. We create synergizing opportunities between content, media and technology. We provide products and services for Internet and Mobile, with a strong focus on cutting edge product innovations.

Converting video formats, streaming over wireless/fixed networks and creating innovative multimedia applications are fields in which Triple IT excels. Creativity and ingenuity are vital components when we join forces with other global partners such as Ericsson and Vodafone, to create new products and services.

Our knowledge of technology, our open-mindedness and our extensive network enables us to see new developments sooner than most others – and to develop smart and outstanding, yet simple to use innovative solutions.



Keesomstraat 10E - 1821 BS Alkmaar (NL) +31 72 512 9516
KVK 370 819 55 - BTW NL 807 360 491 B01
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